A healthy lake or pond requires year-round attention.

That’s why we offer a variety of programs to address your water needs throughout the year. Treatments can be applied individually or as part of our season-long programs for maximum efficiency.

Achieving your vision for your waterbody requires careful planning, execution, and monitoring. Our management plans are crafted to ensure the sustainability and beauty of your water, laying a foundation for long-term health. With a structured approach, everyone involved clearly understands the steps, why they are being taken, and adjustments needed for future goals.

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  • EPA Registered

  • Eco-Friendly Options

  • Chemical-Free Options

Customized Waterbody Management | McCloud Aquatics

Lake & Pond Management Plans

Individually crafted for the sustainability and beauty of your water

Vegetation Mangement | McCloud Aquatics

Vegetation Management

Effective treatments to manage invasive weeds and control native weed populations to provide a healthy, balanced environment

Algae Control | McCloud Aquatics

Algae Control

Create a fully customized program or sign up for biweekly services to manage and effectively control algae in your waterbody

Lake Restoration | McCloud Aquatics

Shoreline Restoration

Strengthen the shoreline or repair erosion damage utilizing SOX Erosion systems and native plants

Water Enhancement | McCloud Aquatics

Water Enhancement

Aeration, probiotic bacteria, water colorants, and more

Lake Mapping | McCloud Aquatics

Lake Mapping

Bathymetry mapping utilizing BioBase, recommended every 5 – 10 years to monitor long-term waterbody changes

Nutrient Pollution Remediation | McCloud Aquatics

Nutrient Pollution Remediation

Detailed water parameter testing to track and restore your waterbody’s health

Mechanical Stewardship | McCloud Aquatics

Mechanical Harvesting

Manually remove unwanted vegetation such as algae, duckweed, cattails, and more utilizing the WeeDoo TC3000

Fish Stocking | McCloud Aquatics

Fish Stocking

Replenish the fish population in spring or fall, create a customized stocking program, and sign up for monthly feeding programs

Aeration | McCloud Aquatics


Full-service aeration for both floating fountains and diffused aeration (subsurface/bubblers), including installation, winterization, repair, maintenance, and more

Sediment Removal | McCloud Aquatics

Sediment Removal

Reduce organic debris at the bottom of your lake or pond by dredging or utilizing beneficial bacteria

Mosquito & Insect Control | McCloud Aquatics

Mosquito Control

Reduce mosquito breeding in waterbodies via larvicide, aeration, or terrestrial spray

Nutrient Management Services

Manage nutrient pollution from excessive phosphorous, which can cause harmful algal blooms and other issues

Eco Friendly | McCloud Aquatics

Eco-Friendly Options

We embrace the responsibility of preserving our most precious resource

Chemical Free Options | McCloud Aquatics

Chemical-Free Options

Aeration, mechanical removal, biologicals, and nutrient management

Our process for creating custom management plans

We begin with a thorough evaluation to understand both historical and current challenges affecting your lake or pond.

We work with you to define clear, achievable goals considering budget and timeline.

Together, we outline an all-inclusive budget to record initial and ongoing costs associated with your chosen management strategies.

We present a range of proven management options tailored to your specific needs for you to review and select.

We continuously monitor the health and progress of your water and make adjustments based on what we observe and your goals.


Individual, Fully Customized Plans

Achieving your vision for your waterbody requires careful planning, execution, and monitoring.