Pond Probiotics

Our probiotic program utilizes a wide range of different bacteria options which can be used to assist and enhance chemical treatments on water bodies.  With an extensive range of probiotic options McCloud Aquatics can set up a bacteria program tailored to the needs of your water body.

If you a feeling a bit skeptical about this whole bacteria thing and you would like information outlining its benefits, check out our library or click here

Our probiotic selection is distributed by Naturalake Biosciences; if you are seeking further detail regarding any of these products feel free to contact our office (847-891-6260 or info@mccloudaquatics.com), or visit naturalake.com for more information.

Product Overview

MD Pellets

  • Focuses on Muck Degradation
  • Reduces available nutrient reservoir in water body
  • Aids in water quality and clarity
  • reduces odors from mucky/swampy water

Temperature Driven Solutions

  • Polar Blend, Nature's Blend, Summer Slam
  • Helps cycle out nitrogen and phosphorus compounds  based on water temperature
  • Helps promote balanced ecosystem post treatment

PondZilla Pro

  • Bio-catalyst which enhances chemical treatment efficiency
  • Dissolves dead vegetation at a cellular level
  • Speeds chemical reactions and penetration of algaecides and herbicides


  • Biological sticking agent which disrupts the protective microbiota
  • Stimulates competitive bacterial growth
  • Aids with water hardness

Water Column Clarifier

  • Liquid probiotic blend which clarifies water through enhanced biological flocculation
  • Removes nitrogen and binds to phosphorus
  • Broad spectrum and fast-acting