Leafy Pondweeds


Leafy Pondweed is a general term that we use to categorize a group of aquatic weeds which have very similar physical characteristics and biological effects on a pond or lake.   

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Sago Pondweed

This native plant has a thin un-branched stalk with narrow leaves which range in size  (0.75-4 inches), the plant itself can grow up to 3 feet tall.  

Sago pondweed thrives in shallow water around shorelines.  The roots of this plant embed in the shallow sediments which is beneficial in prevention of shoreline erosion and nutrient filtration.  Sago is also a great habitat for many micro/macro invertebrates, fish, and amphibians.

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Horned Pondweed

This native pondweed has a thin stalk with leafs which occur oppositely in intervals along the stem.  its leaves are thin and taper off to a point.  The easiest way to distinguish this weed is by tiny horns which grow in groups of 2 or 4 at each branch in the stem.

This weed is very beneficial as habitat for macro/micro invertebrates and fish.  It also acts as a good source of nutrient filtration and can help prevent erosion.