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Algae Control

Green filamentous Algae is a common nuisance affecting your pond or lake throughout the warmer months.  An important thing to realize is that Algae is a continuously and naturally growing vegetation in aquatic ecosystems; this means that after a treatment, the algae is not eradicated from the water forever.  This is why McCloud Aquatics offers exemplary services for Algae Control; with many treatment options tailored for the customers needs.

Pondweed Control

Pondweeds are generally the first things that begin to grow.  

Important to treat invasive early

important to maintain good pondweeds

habitat improvement

have a decent range of cover for winter


Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Looking for a more natural approach to your aquatic management?  We got you covered!  We offer algae treatment plans with the use of non-chemical algaecides and water enhancement programs utilizing natural bacteria colonies.