Pond Aeration and Diffused Air

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Oxygen concentration is one of, if not the most important chemical parameter in a body of water.  Like the air we breathe, the survival of aquatic organisms depends on a sufficient level of oxygen dissolved in water.  Not only are anaerobic (low dissolved oxygen) conditions dangerous for the aquatic life within the pond, also, this can cause phosphorus bound in the sediment to become free floating and bio-available to algae.  This is why we always recommend every water body has at least some form of aeration (diffusers, fountains, waterfalls, etc.).  This will ensure that the water in the pond stays mixed, cool, and oxygenated. 

McCloud Aquatics offers aeration installation and removal in the spring and fall respectively.  Upon removal your aerator will be cleaned and maintenance performed to get the unit(s) ready for the upcoming season.  After a unit is cleaned they are stored on site inside our temperature controlled warehouse. 

McCloud Aquatics works with Otterbine, Aquamaster, and Kasco to provide quality aeration services which are optimized for your body of water and to your pleasing.  If you would like to see more information or specific lighting and spray patterns, feel free to click on the name of the company above to browse a more detailed inventory of options!

Maintenance Done

While at our shop, your aerator will be pressure washed to remove the excess build up of organic biomass, oil changed if due, lights checked, and the unit then labeled for storage.

Safe Storage

Our warehouse is temperature controlled and locked securely to ensure your aerators return ready and working in the spring!

Taking on a Challange

The Harper College fountain is no Joke!  Required crane rental, a lot of man power, and a bit of patience and the fountain makes the trip to and from our shop twice a year!