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McCloud Aquatics provides pond services to the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs of Illinois, has developed a market-leading reputation by providing, high quality, consistent, environmentally sound service with an emphasis on both the health and visual appeal of our clients’ ponds, lakes, and aquatic environments. We provide stakeholders with pond and lake management plans that aid in controlling algae, submerged invasive/native weeds, emergent cattails/phragmites, free floating duckweed/water meal, and any other nuisance vegetation.  Utilizing only the best EPA registered herbicides and algaecides, along with a line of organic catalysts, our pond maintenance programs are designed to keep your body of water looking fantastic while preserving and protecting the integrity of the surrounding eco-system, people, pets, fish, and wildlife.  

TOP VALUE Pond Maintenance

As a McCloud Aquatics customer, your water is in the hands of professionals.  Our Lake Management Specialists are experienced, educated, and engaged within the industry.  As part of our continuing drive to set the industry standard, every specialist at McCloud Aquatics brings all the right tools to do the job. This includes using a boat to perform scheduled services to increase the efficacy and efficiency of treatments to manage your lake or pond. McCloud Aquatics has industry relationships with our vendors. This will ensure you that if additional support is needed, McCloud Aquatics will do what it takes to provide you with a full spectrum of support.

If you have questions or concerns about treatments, management plans, (or anything at all) we include a guaranteed 24-hour call back service completely cost free.  We offer transparent, flat rate pricing with absolutely no hidden fees so you can feel certain you’re receiving the highest value in aquatic management services.

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  • Experienced, Educated, Engaged Lake Management Specialists

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    Contact McCloud Aquatics today for a no-obligation assessment of your property's bodies of water.  Using satellite imaging we’ll calculate the size, and perform a visual inspection to determine your specific aquatic management needs.