Leading The Market With A PURPOSE

McCloud Aquatics has developed a market-leading reputation for providing consistent, environmentally sound, and high quality service that preserves the health and visual appeal of our clients’ ponds, lakes, and aquatic environments. We assist property managers and owners with the management and removal of algae, nuisance or exotic weeds, and other unwanted vegetation. Utilizing EPA registered herbicides and overseen by Chief Sciences operator, our aquatic weed management programs are designed to preserve the integrity of the body of water through consideration of the unique characteristics of the specific body of water, the watershed, and the surrounding eco-systems. We apply experience, technology, and science to our aquatic weed management programs while protecting the eco-system, people, pets, fish, and wildlife.

Providing Nothing Less Than TOP VALUE

As a McCloud Aquatics customer, your property will be taken care of with personal attention from highly experienced aquatic specialists dedicated to maintaining industry-leading expertise. You can feel secure in knowing you’re receiving the highest value in aquatic management services, backed by a flat rate with no hidden fees. Factor in that we’re the only local aquatic service company not only to offer 24-hour call back service but to provide it at no extra cost, and you’re guaranteed the lowest risk when partnering with McCloud Aquatic Services. Plus, as part of our continuing drive to set the industry standard, every McCloud Aquatic Specialist uses boats during service to ensure we cover the entire body of water effectively, as well as take oxygen readings before any treatment to prevent any harm to the wildlife.

Find out for yourself, Contact us TODAY!

Contact McCloud Aquatics today for a no-obligation assessment of your property's bodies of water. We'll use Garmin GPS technology to obtain accurate measurements in surface acres, and perform a visual inspection to determine your specific aquatic management needs.